TikTok: The All-Encompassing Media Platform

Danielle Villardi

March 31, 2020

The digital world has always been dominated by a variety of social media platforms, each catering to specific audiences for a designated purpose.

Facebook - for staying connected to friends and family.

LinkedIn - for Professional Development.

Instagram - for highlighting the highlights of one’s lives.

However, The launch of Tik Tok in 2017 had enormous implications for the way in which users interact with social media platforms. Originally utilized as a platform for young people to engage with light-hearted comedy and other forms of entertainment - the app would soon evolve to be a social-media megastar - dominating the digital world with its all-encompassing media.

As opposed to other platforms - which have developed certain expectations for what people are expected to post on the platform content - Tik Tok has become a completely malleable platform. Content creators are free to post 60-second clips pertaining to any subject of their choice.

Tik Tok has gone far beyond its initial uses of fun dance videos and comedic skits. Now, individuals from a variety of fields are entering the app to take advantage of it’s uniquely catered algorithm.

The specificity of the app’s algorithm has essentially led to the formation of ‘pods’ within the app - where users can essentially find their niche, and engage continuously with content that falls under this umbrella of content.

Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Students- professionals in all fields have an opportunity to use the digital platform and engage viewers with their passions. However, the various ‘pods’ on TikTok do not exist independently of one another. Rather, the uniqueness of the app exists within the opportunity to create a space in which all of a user’s interests - both professional and personal can be collected into one app.

The sphere of professional development is just a swipe away from the light-hearted entertainment the app was initially built on.

Tik Tok has set a precedent that the online world should not be deeply segregated into different spheres. Rather, it should be reflective of the real world and real people - where our interests co-exist.

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