Social Currant is a youth-led agency that works with purpose driven organizations on everything from social media management to graphic design. At the centre of our work is an emphasis on storytelling for good, including more people in the conversation and highlighting causes that we care about. Our work spans the non-profit and social impact sector and we do everything from running TikTok campaigns to brand ambassador campaigns.

Some highlights from June:

June has been an incredible month for us, from attending two virtual conferences, making new strides in growth to developing new partnerships, last month had it all.

  • We worked with Spaces in Action and supported their action on the 24th of June fighting for Investments in Child Care by the DC Government. From running their social media to video & photo at their event. Check their Instagram page out! We also designed them a toolkit in English & Spanish.
  • We launched the Child Tax Credit campaign for Community Change Action on TikTok and reached over 440,000 views through our influencers using #ctcawareness and #ctcmonday.
  • We started working with Side-Out Foundation and their initiative DigPink, follow their instagram pages here and here!
  • We attended Ecomworld and Social Media Week Los Angeles, two amazing conferences in the last week of June allowing us to learn, explore and meet a ton of new people!
  • Ashwath, Vidyut and Ellie went through the SEEDSPOT accelerator and just finished the program!

Cool people you should check out:

Sean Sutherland:
We just want to show our appreciation and want to thank Sean for his support and his mentorship during the month of June. We covered a lot of bases, tried a ton of new processes and met incredible people.

The Entire SEEDSPOT Team:
Thank you for an amazing accelerator program which ignited many partnerships, allowed us to focus on key aspects of our business and helped strategise for the future. Shoutout to Tristan, Katie, Arlynn, Chris, Katelyn and the rest of the team!!

What’s Next:

  • New Clients Alert: Ortus Academy and Vaulted Vinyl .
  • Social Currant Merchandise! (Want some? Message us!)

If you’re interested in the work we’re doing and want to schedule a time to chat, feel free to email us or pick a time here!

Make sure to check us out on LinkedIn for more.

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