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From the first Chief HR Officer at LinkedIn to large national advocacy organizations, we've done it all. One thing that ties all the work we do - a focus on impact. We're here to make an impact and help our clients increase their impact.

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Social Currant is the best of the best when it comes to creativity, professionalism, and responsiveness. They have become an extension of our agency and grateful to have them as our exclusive social media team.

Ramona Wright

WrightOne Media Group

Social Currant is responsive to the immediate needs of their clients.

Chris Jones

The Millennial Foundation

They are ambitious and deliver on everything they say they can do.


CMO of WeUp

Social Currant makes your life easier: it's that simple. The added bonus is that they are wildly creative, always positive, and proactively keep the train running while communicating along the way. I love this team - you should hire them ASAP for your social media, administration, strategy and podcasting projects!


Host of TIMF Show

I have been working with Social Currant for a year and to say they have exceeded expectations is an understatement. They opened the TikTok door, invited me and and showed me the upside,  and then they walked me through the door so I felt safe and supported. My business has really benefitted massively and still is. Wow they changed the game for me.

Steve Cadigan

Social Currant is patient, detailed and thoughtful. They worked very closely with us to deliver exactly what we hoped for! We started off with a few ideas, changed them along the way and they stayed dedicated to us throughout the entire process. We look forward to working with them again!

Maia Barnett

Co-Founder, Climaxx and Aura

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We understand your audience and tailor our services to meet your organizations needs.

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Short Form Video Management

We work with you or your organization to coach you to create content, stay on trend and edit your content so that you can tackle short form platforms.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

We help you craft strategies that will help you stand out from the noise and then we help you implement them to grow your brand and reach new audiences.

Influencer Marketing

From LinkedIn to TikTok to Pinterest, we take care of all your social needs to save you time, increase your engagement revenue and brand awareness.

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