Steve Cadigan

Steve Cadigan is the former VP of Talent at LinkedIn and one of the leading experts in the future of work space. He is an author, talent hacker, speaker, coach and more. Social Currant was brought on in 2020 to help Steve tackle a new audience on an emerging media platform, TikTok.


Build a platform as a thought leader and prepare people for the future of work.

Client Team

I cannot speak highly enough about Social Currant. Watching them grow, perfect their craft, and push our campaigns to impact more people across the country has been nothing short of inspiring. Their team is what the future of political change looks like: fearlessly creative, compassionate, and egoless strategy that prioritizes the creators.

Services Provided

Coaching, Editing, Brand Building

Top Video
Total Views

Notable Features

  • Got our client on the TikTok Marketing Campaign
  • Lives with over 1500 people attending
  • Received multiple influencer marketing inquiries, included inquiries from public companies.


  • Advised millions on navigating Corporate America
  • Reinforced the importance of healthy working environments
  • Established Steve as a thought leader in the future of work space.

Our Work


It’s game on for companies. Here’s what I’m predecting will happen, what do you think?

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