Community Change Action

Community Change Action is a national nonprofit that advocates for low-income communities, especially low-income people of color.


Build a large and diverse network of TikTok creators who can combat disinformation and share information about Community Change Action’s campaign issues, including the Child Tax Credit, a pathway to citizenship, and universal child care.

Client Team

Our main point of contact with the client team was Mikka Macdonald, Creative Director at Community Change Action who spearheaded the initiative and brought Social Currant to the table.

I cannot speak highly enough about Social Currant. Watching them grow, perfect their craft, and push our campaigns to impact more people across the country has been nothing short of inspiring. Their team is what the future of political change looks like: fearlessly creative, compassionate, and egoless strategy that prioritizes the creators.

Services Provided

Content Coaching, TikTok Management, Influencer Campaign Strategy & Management, Content Creation from our team.

Child Tax Credit Awareness
Influencer Network Reach

Notable Features

  • Our work was featured at a Community Change Action Event featuring VP Kamala Harris, Senator Warren and more.
  • We collaborated with Dorian Warren, Co-President of CCA.
  • We were able to reach a new audience outside of CCA’s base.


  • Reached millions to spread awareness about the Child Tax Credit.
  • Collaborated with primarily BIPOC influencers across the state and established long-term collaborations with them.
  • Kickstarted the influencer marketing initiative at Social Currant and established proof of concept for the ambassador model.

Our Work

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