What we do

Quality Content for your brand.


Gen Z Marketing

Connect with younger audiences through new and upcoming platforms like TikTok, Reels and Spotlight with our research, work and more.



We work with you to help you establish a cohesive brand that your customers and audience can relate to.


Social Media Management

We will help you design, write copy, grow on multiple social media platforms. Our solution will save you time and let you reach your target audience in an effective manner.

Customer Centric Design

Our design team will work to ensure your customers are at the center of the design work we do for you.

Data driven storytelling

We tell your story effectively making use of any and all data possible.

Centering your Impact

We make sure that your social impact is at the centre of all the work we do and all the information we communicate.

Our Clients

Trust by organizations changing lives.

The team

The team that runs Social Currant


We help purpose driven brands communicate more effectively.

12 Team Members

Creating an Impact

Gen Z

"They are ambitious and deliver on everything they say they can do."

Liz McLemore

CMO of WeUp

Join us and connect with younger audiences more effectively.